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DARWIN ACADEMY, based in Pear River, NY, is a full-service medical education company that is committed to designing unique medical communication programs that address the needs of our customers and maximize the impact and behavior of health care professionals, resulting in improved patient care. We pride ourselves on being a seamless extension of your marketing efforts and on developing value-added initiatives that continually exceed your expectations.


Darwin Academy has proven success in partnering with pharmaceutical customers to launch new products and maximize outcomes throughout each product’s lifecycle, and we are able to provide the following sources of support: dedicated account teams, medical strategy, content and publication development, complete editorial and graphical services, web design and programming, program recruitment, meeting and convention planning, and logistical execution. Our scientific team is comprised of medical directors, writers, and editors, and has strong relationships with many leading key opinion leaders (KOLs) and a vast amount of experience in the a multitude of therapeutic areas, including: Oncology, Cardiovascular Disease, CNS, Diabetes, Orphan Diseases, Respiratory, Women’s Health, Infectious diseases, Rheumatology, Ophthalmology and Gastroenterology.


DARWIN ACADEMY, has an unparalleled depth and breadth of medical and scientific expertise and a commitment to exceptional execution. The Darwin Academy team is extremely well-equipped to develop and deliver high-quality educational programs that impact health care provider behavior resulting in improved patient care. Our staff has a proven ability to develop and foster long-lasting relationships with key investigators and influential opinion leaders and are respected by our customers as consultants and advisors.

The Darwin team is committed to creating interactive and dynamic programs that result in practical information and tools that can be used to enhance the lives of patients. By adhering to the highest possible ethical standards and industry guidelines along with unyielding dedication to our employees, Darwin Academy will work with our customers to help them evolve in order to deliver maximum physician education in the ever-changing pharmaceutical environment.

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